When you are arrested, it might seem like the scariest moment in your life or at least one of the scariest. The cops put you in the car and handcuff you before sending you to jail. When you are able to post bail, it might seem like the happiest moment of your life, but you aren’t finished going through the legal process yet. Posting a bail bonds will only buy you some time to figure out your next move. When you are faced with posting bail, make sure to pick HB Bail Bonds for any of your bail bonds services. We offer affordable bail bonds services to ensure you have the most time to prepare yourself for your court date. We also make posting bail easy with our simple form you need to fill out found on the side of our website. If you have any questions about our bail bonds services or want to learn more about how we can assist your loved one with our bail bonds, call today. In our last few blogs, we discussed surviving your court date. Read Surviving Your Court Date – Part One and Part Two to fully understand how to act, what to do prior to your court date, and the best way to represent yourself. Going to court can be a scary process, but when you take the time to understand the proper way you should represent yourself and act, you’ll be faced with a much easier situation and you’ll know how the court process works. Now, do you know how to dress for your court appearance? Find out below.

Below are a few clothing suggestions to follow as you venture into your court date. Whether it’s your first time or you’re a repeat offender it can be scary taking those initial steps into the courtroom.

Dress well. Don’t wear jeggings, leggings, jeans, sagging pants, or shirts with brands and sports teams all over them. You’re going into a courtroom and thus should dress like you’re going to court. Dress formally or business casual. If you don’t know what either of those are, then stick to clothing that is modest and looks professional. If you’re a female, wear a suit skirt, slacks, a sweater set, or a quarter sleeve length blouse. On your feet wear low heels or a nice pair of flats. Leave the six-inch heels or the converses at home. You could even add a blazer over a nice top and a pair of two inch heels at the most. You should look clean, presentable, and professional. For men, wear slacks, a nice dress shirt, a sweater, or if you have it a suit. Men try to wear nice dress shoes, loafers, or dress boots for shoes. Leave the sneakers or work boots at home along with your jeans, cargo shorts, and ripped up pants. If you don’t have any nice clothes, then wear a pair of jeans, but make sure to dress them up with a blazer, nice shoes, and a dress shirt. If an accident happens and your clothes rip or a stain happens, make sure to clean up the best you can and hid it as well.

If you have facial piercings or a lot of piercings in your ears, take them out. A good rule of thumb to live by if you’re going to a court appearance or even to a job interview is to take out any piercings in your face or if you have an abundance in your ears. If you have a tongue piercing, a cute tragus piercing, or a lip piercing make sure to leave them at home. Even if you have a lot of holes in your cartilage take those out and especially if you have an industrial piercing. You and your friends or your significant other might like your piercings, but unfortunately the judge will not. A courtroom isn’t where you express your individuality it’s where you play it safe and look as conformed as possible. You don’t want to offend anyone or show off too much of your wild side with your piercings.

Similarly to piercings, make sure to cover up your tattoos. You might love that chest tattoo or your sleeve of tattoos, but the judge will not. Tattoos are great pieces of art to show off your individuality and uniqueness, but when you’re in court, it’s best to cover up as many tattoos as possible. A great rule of thumb to live by if you have piercings and tattoos and you’re going into a professional setting is to not show off your individual nature, there’s a time and place for that. Instead, show off how clean, plain, and boring you are. You’re not boring, but it’s best to be as pure and simple so no one can get the wrong idea about you, especially the judge.

When you go to court, make sure you take the time to brush your hair or wear it in a presentable fashion. Bedhead is not attractive, it makes you look messy and gives you the appearance that you don’t care. If you have bright dye hair and it’s able to be washed out, then take the time to wash it out. If your dye job is permanent, then style your hair in a presentable manner. For instance, put your hair in a sleek ponytail or a bun. If your hair is a little out of control, try to get a haircut before you head into court. A neat brush, trim, and an elegant hair style can go a long way. As long as you neatly brush your hair and style it professionally you should be in good shape when you head to court.

When you go to court, you don’t want to just roll out of bed after drinking heavily the night before. You also don’t want to just roll out of bed and out the door without practicing basic hygiene. Even if you’re running late, try to put deodorant on, brush your teeth, and brush your hair to the best of your abilities. You don’t want to show up to court smelling strongly of alcohol or body odor. You also don’t want to bathe in perfume and cologne if you don’t have time to take a shower. The best practice is to wake up early and have time for a shower. In addition to you practicing hygiene, make sure your clothes are also clean. Don’t pick clothes that are okay and probably fine. Instead, pick clothes that have been cleaned thoroughly and don’t have any wrinkles, stains, or holes.

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