Misdemeanor Bail Bonds in Ohio


Like all states, Ohio has its own determining factors when it comes to categorizing crimes. In Ohio, misdemeanors are broken up by the degree of seriousness for each crime. 1st degree is the most serious offense, but a misdemeanor is not considered as serious as a felony. The highest misdemeanor is 1st degree and the lowest is a ‘minor’ misdemeanor. Felonies occur when the charge is much more severe and a felony charge can lead to $2000 plus fines and at minimum six months in jail. Misdemeanors include: trespassing, petty theft, possession of drug paraphernalia, assault charges, OVI or DUI, property damage, disorderly conduct, and criminal mischief. A misdemeanor even though it’s not as severe as a felony, should still be taken seriously, as it still takes money and time to have misdemeanors expunged from your record. A misdemeanor will stay on your record forever, too, unless expunged.
A misdemeanor bail bond is a bail bonds service that is provided after a misdemeanor has been charged. Misdemeanors are generally filed on paper without a hearing, the court documents mailed, and the bail jurisdictions are distributed. Depending on the misdemeanor and the severity of the charges, formal bail may not be needed. Regardless, there are still requirements to undergo to ensure the accused will show up in court.


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