Warrant Bail Bonds in Ohio

Outstanding warrants happen whether it’s because you forgot to pay a few parking tickets or if you forgot to show up in court. If you genuinely forgot to show up in court or pay a few parking tickets, the judicial system can be forgiving. However, if you didn’t forget and you don’t want to deal with the tickets that’s a different story. An arrest warrant in Ohio is put out by a judge after a crime is committed; the person needs to be held accountable and brought to justice because they broke the law. An arrest warrant can go out for misdemeanors, felonies, and traffic violations. Be aware if you have a warrant out there because you can be taken into custody at any time.


A warrant bail bond comes into play after you’ve been taken into custody for a warrant. This bond is a little different from other bail bonds because it is an opportunity to help you avoid being arrested on an outstanding warrant. Bail may be used to post on a warrant, and then a surety bond can be used to access your freedom. Once the bond is posted, the warrant will be recalled and a court day will be set.


HB Bail Bonds is able to help you by doing research to determine the severity of the outstanding warrant. We’ll provide options to you to help determine how we can best help you. We are a 24-hour bail bonds company that offers a multitude of bail bonds services. We are experienced and have professional bonding agents that can help you and your family out of this situation. An outstanding warrant out for your arrest is nothing to take lightly, so make sure you take care of it before you need to use our warrant bail bonds service.
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