Bond can be paid to the court directly, if you have the full amount of the bond set. For example, if bond is set as a cash surety bond at $5000, the court requires $5000 to be paid for the release of said person in custody. For those who do not have the full amount, bond can be posted through a licensed bail bonds agent. State law requires that 10% of the cash surety bond be paid to the bail bonds agent. Depending on the bond amount set and you don’t have the full 10%, it’s the bail agent’s discretion on the amount they will accept as a down payment towards the 10% due, and set up a payment plan for the remaining balance. If bond is set as an appearance bond at $5000, the court will accept 10% of the bond from anyone. Any time that the judge sets an appearance bond, also known as a 10%, those able should always pay these bonds to the court. This process allows people to get their money back.