Felony Bonds

Felony Bail Bondsmen

Offenses such as burglary, fraud, driving under the influence, murder, drugs and gun charges, and many others are considered felony charges. These charges are more severe and carry harsher penalties, from higher fines to longer sentences. Felony charges are ranked based on severity between levels 1 through 5; with 5 being the least severe offense and 1 being the most. 

If you’ve been arrested for felony charges, you need an affordable, reliable felony bail bondsman to help you through the process and get you out of jail. At HB Bail Bonds, our felony bail bondsmen arrive at the jail with all the proper paperwork and finances needed to get you out of jail to await trial. 

At HB Bail Bonds, our experienced felony bail bondsmen are there throughout the entire process. Within 48 hours of a person’s arrest on a felony charge, they’ll appear before a judge to have a bond set. Bonds are set at the judge’s discretion based on the charge, criminal record, and an individual’s history of appearing in court, and public safety. Judges can set either a Recognizance Bond, or an Appearance Bond at their discretion. In a Recognizance Bond, also known as a Signature Bond, the defendant signs an agreement detailing their release but requiring them to return to court on a given date or face a steep financial penalty. An Appearance Bond can be paid to the court to release a person in custody while their case is pending. 

If the Appearance Bond is too high, individuals can establish a payment arrangement with HB Bail Bonds’ experienced felony bail bondsmen. If a judge sets a cash surety bond, an individual must either put up the entire cash amount or hire a licensed surety bail bond agent. A Licensed surety bail bond agent will be paid ten percent unless otherwise determined. 

At HB Bail Bonds, we can help you understand and work through the experience of posting a felony bail bond. Felony bail bonds can be in two courts. In most Ohio Counties, new felony charges start in municipal court and are dismissed out, or transferred to common pleas court. In some cases, the defendant may already be out on bond and can be rearrested and arraigned again.

If you’re dealing with felony charges, or need a felony bail bond, it’s critical that you find a bail bond company that can help you through the process. At HB Bail Bonds, we understand how difficult this experience can be, and work with you professionally and confidentially. We expedite the felony bail bond process so you can get out of jail and focus on fixing the situation. We serve Columbus, Cincinnati, Dayton, and the surrounding areas. Contact us today to learn more about our felony bail bond services.