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At HB Bail Bonds, we are one of the most reputable, experienced and affordable bail bondsmen in Columbus, Ohio. Our Central Ohio office is located at 1360 South High Street, right in the heart of Columbus. We are proud to offer professional bail bonds services to Columbus Ohio, including Franklin County, Delaware, Newark, as well as Pickaway County, Fairfield County and Muskingum County. 

Posting bail can be confusing for a variety of reasons. We’re here to make it easier. Franklin County has multiple court jurisdictions and often the location of the arrest and the age of the individual plays a vital role in posting that bail bond correctly. Our professional Columbus Bail Bondsmen ensures that your bail is posted correctly. 

HB Bail Bonds is a licensed Ohio bail bonds agency, dedicated to providing fast, reliable service to residents of Central Ohio. Our professional bail bondsmen have numerous years of experience helping families locate their loved ones and releasing them from custody. We are available 24 hours a day, every day without closing, to meet your needs. Whether you have an emergency or legal concern, our multilingual representatives and bail bond specialists are here to help. At HB Bail Bonds, our expert Columbus Bail Bonds Specialists ensure that you never have to worry about posting bail.

At HB Bail Bonds, we have the experience, expertise, and means necessary to deal with prosecutors and defend your rights. Our professional Columbus Bail Bondsmen works closely with experienced criminal defense attorneys in Columbus, Central Ohio, and throughout the state to ensure that you have everything prepared for your next court appearance. No matter what your case involves, we shoulder the burden. Our bail bonds professionals understand that arrests and criminal charges can cause stress. We’re here to help. Our Columbus Bail Bondsmen are dedicated to guiding you through each step of the legal process.

Bail Bond Basics

Bail Bonds can be complex. At HB Bail Bonds, our expert bail bondsmen can make it easier.

Following an arrest, individuals facing charges must either stay behind bars while awaiting trial, or “make bail” and get released, with the stipulation that they return for a court date. Bail bonds guarantee that the person will appear on the next scheduled court date in exchange for being released from custody. Most people rely on licensed bail agencies to deal with the jail or detention facility, and additionally, expedite release.  There are definitely responsibilities for bail bonds agencies, consequently, they include:

  • Locating the accused
  • Arranging full payment
  • Disclosing up-front costs
  • Ensuring court appearance
  • Explaining bond agreement
  • Finding fugitive with warrant
  • Collecting non-refundable service fee (premium)
  • 10% of state bond amount in Ohio
  • Safely holding collateral in trust
  • Used to recover cost if cannot find fugitive
  • Can be anything of value to ensure full payment
  • Returned in full once case completed
  • Can be property, car, bank account, or cosigner’s assets

Bail bond agents analyze financial assets and show the origin of the funds through documentary evidence. Bail bondsmen are the only means of ensuring that the source of payment remains confidential. Because handling multiple courts, jails, and officials can get tricky, bond agencies must be well-versed in all aspects of the process.

Successfully Posting Bail

If you are detained or need to secure a loved one’s release, HB Bail Bonds in Central Ohio can help. We are an established licensed agency providing prompt, professional service in Columbus Ohio, Cincinnati, and Dayton. Our Columbus bail bondsmen know that you have to get back to your family and return to work. That is why we are dedicated to expediting your release and restoring your freedom. Our Columbus Bail Bonds experts offer: 

If you’ve been arrested and are awaiting trial, our professional Columbus bail bondsmen can help. Contact us today!