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Bail Bondsman and Bail Bonds Companies are required to collect the full 10% of the bond amount. This can be very expensive, that is why HB Bailbonds LLC offers the most affordable payment plans out the state of Ohio. So when the judge sets a high bond, we can help.

HB Bail Bonds offers low down payments for bonds over $5000. Call any of our local offices in Franklin County, Ohio, Hamilton County, Ohio and Montgomery County, Ohio. Or contact any of our local agents.

HB Bail Bonds has the best payment plan options with 2% down.

2% down- to qualify for this low-down payment the signers for the bond must have proof of employment for at least 5 years. Own property with a fair amount of equity in the property (we base this according to the bond set by the Judge). The remaining balance will be made an either weekly, bi-weekly or monthly payments depending on the arrangement made by your personal bail bonds agent. These payment plans have no interest charged to the account unless you miss a payment and at that time, we will be being to add a 10% interest.

In order to best fit your budget. The additional cost of attorney fees, lost wages and the possibility of lost employment we can spread out your monthly payments from 6 months and as long as 2 years.

These payments are now refundable just like all bonds posted by a bail bond agent or bail bonds company.

A Few things to remember.

1. You do not always have to have all the money in order to get a loved one out of jail.

2. Read everything you sign and understand that not all bail bond company’s payment plans are in your best interest.

3. When posting bond anywhere in the state of Ohio makes sure that the company you choose to work with is willing to work with you while your loved one is facing not only legal challenges, possible financial challenges as well.

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