Posting bail in Ohio can be a complicated affair. Bail is a financial guarantee that, if released from jail while awaiting trial, an accused individual will appear in court. The judge overseeing the case sets the amount of bail, and it can vary depending on the individual’s history, the police report, and the prosecutor’s recommendation. Bail is typically cash, a bond, or some form of property that acts as financial collateral. In most cases, if the accused appears for all their court dates, they will get most of their bail back minus court fees. However, if the individual fails to appear, those funds are forfeit and a warrant is issued for their arrest. There are a variety of different types of bails and bail bonds that a court can set, each with their own stipulations. 

Property Bond- A property bond is a bond that allows the arrested individual to submit real estate or other such property as a bond to be released from jail while awaiting trial. Often this type of bond requires a deed, tax statement, mortgage statement, or other form of documentation illustrating the property’s legitimacy and value. If the defendant fails to appear in court, said property can be foreclosed, and the court can collect the owed bail from the proceedings. 

Recognizance Bond- A Recognizance bond, also known as a signature bond or being released on your own recognizance, is the easiest bail to deal with. It is a written and signed agreement that the individual will return for their court date. No cash is required, no bills submitted, all you need is a signature.

Cash Bond- Cash bonds are one of the most common forms of bail bonds and are very straight forward. A cash bond is a financial guarantee held by the court that the accused will appear for their court date. If the individual shows up, they will get their bail back minus any incurred court fees. If the individual does not make an appearance, the court keeps the bail and the money is forfeit. 

Surety Bond- If an individual is unable to post bail, they will turn to a bail bond company, such as HB Bail Bonds. We give loans to accused individuals so they can post bail and get out of jail. In Ohio, there is a state-regulated fee of the bail posted. 

Going through the process of arrest, bail, and the ensuing court appearances is extremely difficult, especially if you’re unable to post bail. At HB Bail Bonds, we can help. We can get you out of jail by putting up the cash necessary for a small fee. If you need help posting bail, contact our professional bail bondsman to discuss your options today.