Weapons Bail Bonds in Ohio


In the state of Ohio, owning a gun illegally will send you to jail. According to Ohio law, if you are under 21 and are found with a concealed weapon, then you are looking at time in jail. If you are over 21 and are found with a concealed weapon without a license, you are still breaking the law. The only way you are accurately following the law is if you are over 21 and have received a license to have a concealed handgun and have gone through the required handgun training. Owning a handgun without a license is how you end up in jail and in need of a weapons bail bond. A weapons bail bond is needed when you are found with an illegal weapon in your possession, are sent to jail, and need to be bailed out.



Once you or your loved one has been arrested due to possessing an illegal weapon, we are able to step in. HB Bail Bonds can assist you in freeing your loved one from jail. When a weapons bond occurs, there will be a bail posted. Once a window of time has passed, your loved one will be able to be released from jail. There will be a small time period of two to 24 hours, depending on the circumstances until you or your loved one is able to be released from jail. For weapons bail bonds, they are generally acquired within 24 hours. It’s difficult to see your loved one behind bars, so we want to make this process as easy as possible for you. We strive to be the best bail bonds service in the Columbus and surrounding areas. We want to help you and your loved one overcome this sticky situation, and the first step is to contact us.